Packaged Generators

With over two decades designing and constructing equipment to house and operate generating units, Synchrotech can offer their research and development to the customer in autonomous, demountable packages. The packaged generator offers rural and remote areas a reliable source of utility grade power. Mechanically, the packaged generator is resilient to dust, high ambient temperatures and saliferous environments that would otherwise jeopardize reliable operation. Factory built self contained generation packages provide the best environment for a generator to survive the rigors of prime power operation on a remote site.

The features prevalent in our standard range of packaged generators include:

  • Certified heavy duty structural steel hot dip galvanized base
  • Full stainless steel body construction throughout
  • Generously sized machinery access doors on all four sides
  • Positive pressure filtered enclosure ventilation
  • Fluid containment and detection
  • Full acoustic treatment 
  • Thermostatically controlled vertical discharge cooling packages for minimal parasitic load
  • Full weatherproofing and vermin proofing
  • Design life 25 years
  • Type B Appliance Certification on gas fired packages
  • Standard package designs available up to 3 MW