• Diesel & Gas Fuel Systems

    Diesel & Gas Fuel Systems

    A necessary aspect of a power generation project is the integration of the required fuel handling, storage and conditioning. Considerable involvement in the provision of remote site power stations has given Synchrotech valuable experience into the provision of suitable fuel installations for those sites.

  • Control Systems / SCADA / Switchgear

    Control Systems / SCADA / Switchgear

    Synchrotech provides a turnkey solution to the wholesale power generation requirements of the customer, seamlessly interfacing system controls together with the electrical and mechanical hardware used to produce that power.  Full power station controls including comprehensive generator control and monitoring, set sequencing, feeder control and  automatic load shedding can be accommodated by our in house…

  • Packaged Generators

    Packaged Generators

    With over two decades designing and constructing equipment to house and operate generating units, Synchrotech can offer their research and development to the customer in autonomous, demountable packages. The packaged generator offers rural and remote areas a reliable source of utility grade power. Mechanically, the packaged generator is resilient to dust, high ambient temperatures and…

  • Cogeneration


    Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the parallel generation of electrical and thermal energy to provide an environmentally conscious approach to power generation. Heat recovery equipment can be fitted to extract the waste heat from both the engine cooling system and the exhaust gases depending on the amount and quality of the customers…

  • Remote Site Power Generation

    Remote Site Power Generation

    Synchrotech Controls offers the precise solution to power generation in remote Australia. They have installed a range of successful projects across the Australian mainland as well as some offshore projects. When designing for a remote site, it is often the little things that can cause the most trouble. The tyranny of distance can mean that…